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Hush All-In-One


Hush Analytics is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine capable of solving a growing number of use cases. As the heart of the Hush Stack, it centrally stores your data so you can discover the expected and uncover the unexpected.


Visualization lets you visualize your Hush Analytics data and navigate the Hush Stack, so you can do anything from learning why you're getting paged at 2:00 a.m. to understanding the impact rain might have on your quarterly numbers.


Collection is the platform for single-purpose data shippers. They install as lightweight agents and send data from hundreds or thousands of machines to Hush Analytics.


X-Pack security features give the right access to the right people. IT, operations, and application teams rely on X-Pack to manage well-intentioned users and keep nefarious actors at bay, while executives and customers can rest easy knowing data stored in the Elastic Stack is safe and secure.

Artificial Intelligence

Deep learning is the fastest-growing field in artificial intelligence, helping computers make sense of infinite amounts of data in the form of images, sound, and text. Using multiple levels of neural networks, computers now have the capacity to see, learn, and react to complex situations as .....


Transmission is an open source, server-side data processing pipeline that ingests data from a multitude of sources simultaneously, transforms it, and then sends it to your favorite “stash.” (Ours is Hush Analytics, naturally.)


The Hush Stack is the engine powering critical systems across your organization, business, and team. Keep a pulse on how it's performing to make sure you're getting the very most out of it. The monitoring features in X-Pack provide you with visibility into how your Hush Stack is running.


Quickly generate reports of any Visualization or dashboard. Get a report on demand, schedule it for later, trigger it based on specified conditions, and automatically share it with others — managers, customers, compliance officers. It's architected to scale and travel well, letting you take a piece of.....

Hush X-Chip

Big Data Hush offers a comprehensive multi-node portfolio to address requirements across a wide set of applications. Whether you are designing a state-of-the art, high-performance networking application requiring the highest capacity, bandwidth, and performance, or looking.............

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