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This is a virtual employee, a software robot that simulates human actions. Routine processes that do not require the adoption of an expert decision are transferred to the robot, and employees perform more intelligent work, increasing the quality of their work.

Robotization can be applied in any industry where there are a large number of operations. The most effective are robotized processes of accounting, finance, personnel, procurement processes and service centers. This is not the entire spectrum of RPA applications, but it is most often found.

The robot does not require changes to existing corporate systems, it works with all systems, formats and files, in addition, it works even with paper documents, a special program for recognition will come to the rescue.

Big Data Hush is one of the leading companies providing system integration services. This is a company with rich experience and a professional team of technical specialists. One of the strategic directions in the company's portfolio of solutions is RPA.

The manual for Iron Man program on Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese languages in PDF you can find by the link below

Manual - Iron Man —
Manual - Iron Man —
Manual - Iron Man —
Manual - Iron Man —

Program "Iron Man" in action

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Iron Man "Voice control application"

Iron Man has a remote control function. The built-in artificial intelligence in our program can recognize commands from the application. The application principle is simple - you just need to say the command or a bunch of commands that you would like Iron Man to execute, and he will do it from a distance. Thanks to this feature, you can perform any action on your computer, even if you go outside!

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Снимок экрана 2019-10-28 в 12.20.28.png
Снимок экрана 2019-10-28 в 12.20.12.png
Снимок экрана 2019-10-28 в 12.25.48.png
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