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DataStax Enterprise

The Database for Cloud Applications

The rise of cloud applications demands a new approach to data management. These applications require a highly scalable database capable of intelligently distributing load across clusters of machines spanning multiple datacenters. Cloud Applications require immediate, low latency access to data to provide interactive and customer facing functionality. They also require powerful tools capable of understanding data in real-time so that developers can create compelling and intelligent functionality.

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) accelerates your ability to deliver real-time value at epic scale by providing a comprehensive and operationally simple data management layer with a unique always-on architecture built on Apache Cassandra™. DataStax Enterprise provides the distributed, responsive and intelligent foundation to build and run cloud applications.

Create Real-Time Value


DataStax Enterprise offers advanced functionality designed to accelerate your ability to create intelligent and compelling cloud applications. Integrated within each node of DSE is powerful indexing, search, analytics and graph functionality. You can write data once, and access it using a variety of workloads or access patterns, all from a single cohesive solution. You no longer have to worry about keeping multiple databases in sync or writing complicated and error prone integration code. DataStax Enterprise frees you to focus on the portions of the application that matter most to your audience and deliver products to market faster with lower risk.

Advanced Indexing and Search

Integrated within each node of DSE is an advanced indexing engine with powerful search capabilities. The indexing engine allows you to quickly and easily find data using complex queries and includes support for sub-string, fuzzy and full text search. The indexing engine also has full support for fast, real-time aggregations, faceting, and filtering, making it easy to locate data that is important to your users. The integration of indexing and search makes it simple to target use cases that require indexing transactions, hosting product catalogs, or searching document repositories.

Powerful Integrated Analytics

Customers expect your applications to provide intelligent and personalized behavior. In order to accomplish this goal, developers need powerful streaming and batch analytics tools capable of understanding data as it flows through the application. Integrated into DSE is the industry standard Apache Spark™ large scale data processing engine, which allows you to easily construct pipelines that interact with data across both streaming and batch workloads. DSE builds upon the functionality found in Apache Spark™ to eliminate points of failure, increase performance, and provide full integration with the search and graph capabilities present in DSE. Because DSE Analytics is tightly integrated, it inherits all the enterprise grade functionality that you expect such as security and simple, unified administration.

Multi-Model and Graph

Modern applications need to consume data using a variety of different access patterns and this has historically required using a number of different databases, one for each access method. The complexity created by stitching together multiple systems makes it difficult and costly to maintain or develop new functionality. To solve this problem, DataStax Enterprise provides a powerful multi-model platform with support for key-value, tabular, JSON/Document and graph. This capability allows you to write data to a single solution and access it using a variety of methods based on the needs of your application.

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