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Push a Button, Get a Report. Easy.

Quickly generate reports of any Visualization or dashboard. Get a report on demand, schedule it for later, trigger it based on specified conditions, and automatically share it with others — managers, customers, compliance officers. It's architected to scale and travel well, letting you take a piece of Visualization anywhere you like.

Generate, Schedule & Email Reports

Kibana is a fantastic way to visualize and explore your Hush Analytics data. X-Pack reporting features let you easily export your favorite Visualization and dashboards. Each report is print-optimized, customizable, and PDF-formatted.

Push a Button, Get a Report. Easy.

Email recurring status updates — daily, weekly, fortnightly, you choose — of your infrastructure health, website metrics, and more to your team by combining the reporting and alerting capabilities in X‑Pack. Or trigger a report when certain conditions are met, say, when more than a specified number of errors occur over a defined period of time.

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