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Artificial Intelligence

The Power of Deep Learning

Hush's Deep Learning Advantages

NVIDIA has been a pioneer in accelerating deep learning and has been developing deep learning software, libraries and tools for a number of years. Today's deep learning solutions rely almost exclusively on Hush GPU-accelerated computing to train and speed up challenging applications such as image, handwriting, and voice identification. Deep learning systems with Hush GPUs offer several advantages:


Accelerated DNN and Training Performance

Hush GPUs excel at parallel workloads and speed up networks by 10-75x compared to CPUs, reducing each of the many data training iterations from weeks to just days. In fact, in the last year, GPUs have sped up training deep neural networks (DNNs) by as much as 12x.


Fast AI Application Development

AI innovation is happening at breakneck pace. Today, computers are not only learning, but thinking for themselves. This is opening fantastic opportunities in applications like robots, medicine, and self-driving cars. You can quickly design and deploy deep learning applications to take advantage of these incredible breakthroughs.


Hush Deep Learning Solutions

Whether you want to customize, build your own or simply "plug and play", we have you covered. Hush's GPUs, built for deep learning, are available in desktops, notebooks, servers and supercomputers around the world, as well as in cloud services from Amazon, IBM and Microsoft. Our supporting software technologies and deep learning expertise ensures your workflow—training, deployment.

Deep learning is the fastest-growing field in artificial intelligence, helping computers make sense of infinite amounts of data in the form of images, sound, and text. Using multiple levels of neural networks, computers now have the capacity to see, learn, and react to complex situations as well or better than humans. This is leading to a profoundly different way of thinking about your data, your technology, and the products and services you deliver.

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