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Integrating Data & Applications to Drive Success

We offer targeted enterprise data solutions leveraging Red Hat’s JBoss Fuse product suite. Our consulting and technology expertise accelerates, integrates and automates processes in accordance with our proven enablement methodology – a modern, visionary approach to governance, architecture and business service design.

The information that powers your business development is likely spread across multiple applications and processes, emphasizing your need for a comprehensive integration strategy. With Red Hat, we can:

  • Accelerate Development, as applications are built, tested and deployed faster and more efficiently.

  • Integrate Systems, ensuring platforms and data are more easily connected and accessible.

  • Automate Processes, increasing productivity by automating manual, time-consuming processes and freeing you and your employees to focus on your customer needs.

Our experienced team can help you identify and implement a lightweight and flexible integration platform to enable rapid integration across your enterprise.

"Red Hat and Big Data Hush have been working together to build extended middleware expertise. Big Data Hush has invested in enabling their staff with a focus on Red Hat middleware solutions and have achieved 30 accredited specialists across North America able to sell, demo, and deliver across the Red Hat middleware portfolio."

John C.P. Allessio - Vice President, Gobal Services at Red Hat

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