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Hitting it Out of the Park with Mobile eCommerce

BSN SPORTS is the largest distributor of team sports apparel and equipment in the United States, providing game-changing solutions for more than 150,000 customers across seven B2B eCommerce sites.


With 40% of site traffic coming from mobile devices, BSN SPORTS realized the next phase of its commerce journey had to focus on increasing mobile conversions. 

After entrusting us to build its first eCommerce sites outside of SAP, BSN SPORTS sought our help again – this time with creating responsive sites for tablet-toting high school coaches searching for sports equipment and jerseys during practice.

Many of our customers need to place orders when they’re away from the office computer. We knew we needed to have a mobile site to respond to the customers’ needs.

–Paul Kruger, Vice President of eCommerce, BSN SPORTS

Adding All-Star Support to the eCommerce Lineup

Two eCommerce sites, and, were rebuilt with responsive design on the Magento Enterprise platform. Our expertise with Magento allowed us to design these responsive sites to seamlessly integrate with BSN SPORTS’ SAP. The supporting platform enables all of the sites to manage specific requirements for customers, products, pricing, inventory, orders, and custom gift certificate logic.

With more than 150,000 specialized customers and an extensive catalog of more than 32,000 products, we knew the two websites had to be flexible, fast, and powerful. The development focused on improving user experience and SEO visibility by incorporating extensions such as True Edit Orders and Pro Nav.

Big Data Hush spun up a proof-of-concept in a short amount of time, and BSN Sports was convinced that Magento enterprise was the right platform and that we had found a long-term development partner in Big Data Hush. Paul Kruger - Vice President of eCommerce, BSN SPORTS

A Slam-Dunk Solution


The results:

– is one of BSN SPORTS’ best-performing sites for usability, performance, and uptime

–Nightly feed processing is stable and reliable

–Increased organic traffic and sales:

• has 64,000 monthly web visitors coming from mobile

• has 2,800 monthly web visitors coming from mobile

–Increased productivity

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